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Welcome to the world of the innovative, polyvalent, and eco-friendly “SAFEKIT® system”.
The “SAFEKIT® System” is the smartest, most efficient, and technologically advanced puncture protection solution for all tires.
Its efficiency, due to its concept, is at a level never reached by any other current tire protection concepts.
The “SAFEKIT® system” is an all-new, and versatile tire protection concept
that permanently prevents tire deflation in the event of a puncture.
(Even in case of deep punctures or large cuts on the tread (up to 8/10 cm / 4 inches).
To be compared with the holes up to 4/5 mm (1/6 inch) of maximum diameter that can only be treated
by the other systems currently on the market.
As a result, it always maintains the pneumatic function of the wheel, thus ensuring the highest driving safety of the vehicles.
This means that it greatly enhances the active safety of vehicles!
The SAFEKIT® system is an independent, easy-to-install kit for all tire types and sizes from all brands.
The low cost of its components makes it especially competitive and fully compliant with the market.
Therefore, the SAFEKIT® system is applicable to all segments of the tire market (see the "TARGET MARKET SEGMENTS" tab).

The inventor of the pioneering and breakthrough concept SAFEKIT® system behind the puncture-proof tire:
Robert G. BOULAIN is a French citizen and independent Consulting Engineer who created and managed companies
in France and in the USA that manufactured products using his earlier patented inventions. These patents were subsequently
purchased by MICHELIN Cy. He has been Project Manager and « Consulting Engineer for Innovation » for the MICHELIN group in
France and in the USA and is a member of the Association Française des Ingénieurs et Cadres
du Caoutchouc et des Polymères (French Association of Rubber and Polymers Engineers AFICEP).
His SAFEKIT® system is patented in 19 countries around the world, including those in the BRICS group, North America and the U.E
Robert G. Boulain
The inventor