Targeted market segments

Seven key issues for potential partners to consider:

  • Is the inventor prepared to offer attractive and flexible arrangements? YES
  • Does SAFEKIT® system fully address the performance and practicality deficiencies of currently available solutions? YES
  • Is SAFEKIT® system a universal and versatile design that applies to all segments of the tire market? YES
  • Does the SAFEKIT® system make driving much safer and prevent pressure loss due to sudden problems like severe punctures or blowouts? YES
  • Does the “SAFEKIT® system” allow easy and quick access to markets where road conditions are poor and where there is a demand for solutions? YES
  • Is the SAFEKIT® system concept totally different and therefore innovative compared to existing solutions? YES
  • Do “SAFEKIT® system” patents effectively ensure the safety of the investor and therefore a substantial return on investment through the commercial exclusivity conferred by patents? YES

“SAFEKIT® system”: Targeted Market Segments …

TIRE AFTERMARKET SEGMENTS = 70% of the global tire market

The “SAFEKIT® system” can be marketed as a standalone kit as a ready-to-use or optional
accessory and installed by automakers, auto accessory distributors, tire manufacturers, etc.

Thanks to the low cost of its components, SAFEKIT's final price gives it access to all segments of the tire market.