SAFEKIT® system ingenuity


A large automotive company is interested in the efficiency of the SAFEKIT® system but does not want to manufacture it.
Therefore, I need to find partners interested in the industrial assembly of SAFEKIT® components
- which are already available on the market - so that a ready-to-install product can be offered to them.
On the other hand, this partnership searching is not limited to supply this car manufacturer only but also it applies to all car
manufacturers worldwide thanks to the many valid patents covering the main consumer markets.
This search for partnership is very open and concerns also, for example, all manufacturers and distributors
of automotive components, manufacturers of technical textiles and more generally all those directly or indirectly involved in the
automotive industry.
Moreover, it is obviously intended for companies looking for new development opportunities that can quickly and easily generate
significant revenue.




The products and technologies currently available on the market to protect tires from punctures are not sufficiently effective and
only act – possibly and with puncture size limitations of a maximum of 4/5 mm (1/6 of inch) – after the puncture, that is downstream
of the puncture. Furthermore, once injected into the tire it may often no longer be repairable.
In addition, they are complicated to implement, very costly («Run Flat technologies»), and even some (self-sealing liquids) are from
now on incompatible with the new tire safety regulations, for example those equipped with TPMS sensors because they generate
measurement errors due to the clogging of these sensors.

In this area, it was therefore essential to bring a new breath…

Owing to my career, I have gained extensive experience and expertise in the engineering of puncture protection systems, which led
me to imagine a new concept of puncture-proof tires applicable to all tires: civilian and military, tubeless, with tube, retreaded, etc.
The new « SAFEKIT® system » perfectly meets all the new requirements of the global tire market by maintaining 100% tire pressure in all
circumstances even when there are deep punctures or large cuts, including blowouts. To add such a protective option, simply expand the surface of
the puncture-resistant floating textile membrane in covering the sidewalls of the tire.

Indeed, the SAFEKIT® system is a breakthrough and a revolutionary technology because, so far, it is the only puncture-resistant system that ensures
the constant pneumatic operation of the wheel. This unique feature lies in the concept itself.
(Refer to 2D and 3D animations under “The SAFEKIT® System concept” tab)

In summary, the SAFEKIT® system is:

  • A permanent solution that is inexpensive and easy to implement…
  • It protects against blowouts (It has been calculated that the pressure drop due to tire blowout would be limited to a maximum of about 10%
    thanks to the SAFEKIT® system concept) …
  • It therefore ensures much greater driving safety.
  • It allows car manufacturers to remove spare wheels safely.
  • The SAFEKIT® system is patented in many countries (see the « Granted Patents » tab),
  • This is an exceptional business opportunity with a particularly important development potential since it is aimed at the entire existing tire market.
  • It is the only system capable of protecting each tire « upstream ». In other words, it eliminates the risk of a flat tire, ensuring the driver’s psychological comfort.

Another observation:

Over 200 million tires are discarded annually, largely due to flat tires. This pollution could be prevented if all tires were truly puncture-resistant.

In addition to this pollution, there is a strong global need to conserve the resources of raw materials as much as possible to achieve a sustainable economy. Clearly, the “SAFEKIT® system” solution meets that need and is a great environmental solution.

In response to the above, some are considering replacing existing tires in the indefinite future with solid bandages resting on flexible structures for the sole purpose of eliminating the pressure loss problem that occurs when the tire is punctured.

Nevertheless, there is another particularly innovative solution, sustainable, truly effective, and already technologically available that prevents any pressure loss of the current tires in case of punctures while retaining the higher and still unequaled features of current tires such as road holding, safety, silence, comfort, and lower fuel consumption, etc.

That’s… the « SAFEKIT® system. »
So why develop unnecessarily complex and costly solutions when you can do it so simple, cheap,
while keeping the exceptional features still unmatched from today’s tires!

The IIA INTERNATIONAL INNOVATION FAIR 2019 GOLD MEDAL was awarded to the “SAFEKIT® system” on December 3rd, 2019.

“SAFEKIT® system” Highlights :

Permanent and universal protective solution against tire punctures:

Safety : 

No Side effects :

The road validation of the “SAFEKIT® system” concept has been successfully demonstrated
with the tests carried out with this RENAULT truck (front wheels equipped).

The corresponding video is available.


The SAFEKIT® system is the first 100% universal tire protection against punctures and blowouts, as well as a truly revolutionary technology
because it is based on a completely different approach to the problem than all the other solutions proposed by the market.

In this respect, the results of the road validation tests carried out clearly show that the SAFEKIT® system is 100% effective in real situations.

The SAFEKIT® system is protected by patents currently in force in countries where its most important potential markets are located and where it can therefore be applied to all segments of the tire market…